Top Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala to tick off in 2020.

Our fast-moving life and the unhealthy lifestyle has led to an increase in demand for medical tourism. Being pretty much careless and unconcerned of the unhealthy lifestyles and food habits that we follow, there is an immense need to seek for a source of the cure. These destinations not just provide the requisite care and nourishment that the body requires and brings stability in one’s lifestyle. Ayurvedic treatment is the best cure for all such illnesses and gets back health into life. Ahead, we shall see the different Ayurvedic resorts and centers of health which are more in popularity in Kerala.

Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala
Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala

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Most popular centers of Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala

The following are some of the most popular centers of Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala that are familiar amongst travelers:


The Sanjeevanam Ayurvedic Hospital is said to be one of the most popular Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala. Located in the lush tropical landscape of Kerala, Sanjeevanam is one of the top preferences of the local residents as well as tourists. Setting their standards apart from the rest of the healthcare centers, this organization offers a seamless blend of natural diagnostics, yoga, functional fitness and physiotherapy. Thus, this healthcare center looks forward to reviving the ancient arts and traditional techniques of Ayurveda. As a result, it delivers the patients with a unique east-meets-west healing experience that revives and revitalizes well-being.  Sanjeevanam also offers many different varieties of tailored treatment and relaxation programs.

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Ayurvedic Treatment at Kerala
Ayurvedic Treatment at Kerala

Somatheeram literally means the shores of nectar. By this meaning, Somatheeram Ayurvedic Resorts is also the shore that assures the nectar of health. These resorts are situated in Kovalam, Trivandrum, the district of royal generations. This beautiful seaside healthcare center offers generous and grand treatments to its guests and visitors. Also, the resorts being a part of the Somatheeram hospitals, the patients are provided with a much relaxing experience which stays etched in the memories of visitors throughout their lives.

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Udaya Ayurveda Centre

This centre for ayurvedic treatment is a calm and beautiful one located at the riverside in Palakkad. There have been wide and spacious rooms arranged here for the accommodation and treatment of its patients. The rooms here are with a view of the flowing rivers which creates a positive impression on the resident’s mind. This centre apart from offering different kinds of Ayurvedic treatment, makes the patients practice yoga as well. As a result, each treatment offers physical and mental rejuvenation to the well-wishers. This centre is located in the heart of Palakkad district. The rooms provided here are aesthetically well-knit and create a positive impression in the minds of the seekers.


Ayurveda is not a technique to relax the mind, but also the soul. Rather than the other modes of Ayurvedic treatment, it is something that shows results on a constant basis. The professional care given by doctors and therapists is the major attraction of the Kairali Ayurvedic resort. This resort is located at a district called Palayamkadu in Palakkad. The services majorly offered here are yoga, ayurvedic treatment and mystic palm which produce definite and astonishing results on the patients.


Backwaters are one of the major attractions in Kerala and Sarovaram has been named as a representation of the cultural treatments in the state. Being one of the heritage centers of Kerala, this is one destination that is ticked off during their visits. Sarovaram shares the traditional wisdom of Ayurvedic and the geographical beauty of nature in equal amounts, satisfying the visitor’s heart and soul. Here, the patients are warmly welcomed and treated by doctors and medical practitioners with years of experience. This makes this healthcare center an authentic and professional one.

Ayurveda Villa

Ayurveda yoga villa is located on the bank of the Kabani river amidst the serene Kuruva island forest, in Wayanad. Holding your breath makes you feel and hear the sound and soul of the forest. One can also see and get trained in Kalaripayattu, the ancient and powerful form of martial arts practiced for generations. The villa blends Ayurveda, Kalari, and Yoga together to provide a holistic experience. This destination truly rejuvenates the body, looks into the perfect ways of enhancing lifestyle and destresses them from the usual.

The center provides all the required facilities for the clients for a pleasant stay too. The practitioners here mark the health levels of the patient in each phase of Ayurvedic treatment and strive hard to maintain it constantly and raise it by the end of the treatment.  The treatments here are fully economic and are planned as per the budget, time-frame, and needs of the patients. Some guests out of curiosity indulge and become a part of the sessions too.

Changethu Ayurveda Hospital

Located in the heart of Pathanamthitta, one may experience traditional kind of Ayurveda treatment as they visit this hospital. The doctors and practitioners here exercise the lessons that have been passed over through generations. There are different kinds of treatments that are offered as a part of healthcare in this medical institution such as infertility treatments, uterus issues, skin diseases, massages and therapies that refreshes the body as a whole. In addition to all this, the updated knowledge that the practitioners have which they imply in their treatments throughout is also their major asset. The Changethu family has been practicing these traditional techniques since long.

Kottakal Ayurveda hospital

Kottakal Ayurveda Hospital is one of those health institution which considers the propagation of Ayuveda as its cornerstone. This health institution follows treatments that are multi-disciplinary in practice and well rehearsed through generations. There are several special Ayurveda treatments extended tp the patients under supervision. This legendary hospital mainly focuses on the sustainable use of plants in the making of medicines. Moreover there are several seminars and trainings offered by professionals. These medicines produced by experts are recommended to patients of every age. There are three branches in Kannur, Adoor and Thrikkakara. Kottakal has three branches in Kannur, Adoor and Thrikkakara. The lush green gardens grown in the compounds of the hospital which are the secret ingredient to the medicines produced.


One of the commonly heard names in medical tourism since the past many years and has also become a trusted name. Nagarjuna is an established name for the practice of Ashtavaidhya amongst the patients and the competitors around the world. The reason for success of this destination is quality and consistency. Calicut is the home and headquarters of this wellness destination. Above all, it also has Ayurvedic resorts by which they provide authentic and scientific treatment. All the medicines prescribed at Nagarjuna are famous amongst the users since they are continuously preferred and opted after clinical examination. Nagarjuna stands unique amongst other ayurvedic resorts.

There are many reasons and factors as to why medical tourism is an emerging sector these days. These help the patients by improving their lifestyle and their diet in this era which everything and everybody is moving at a faster pace. However, these are some of the many top health and wellness destinations to get ticked off before you return from Kerala in 2020.

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