Top 15 Meditation Apps to keep you calm in the chaotic world

Anxiety and depression are the biggest challenges people face in their daily life. The worst part about depression is that you don’t feel comfortable to discuss it with anyone. Sometimes, such negativity leads to suicide.Top 15 meditation apps.

But everything comes with a solution. Meditation is a simple and powerful tool of achieving the calmness of mind in this chaotic world. Learning and adopting the Meditation in our daily life is now easy with the help of meditation apps.

We have a collection of best 15 meditation apps to enjoy the benefits of mindfulness, easing anxiety, and even improving health.

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1. Headspace

Choose hundreds of meditations to manage stress every day with headspace. You have lots of subjects to pick like focus, sleep, exercise, productivity, and many more. The app has 350 hours of guided meditation lessons and each session starts with a “checking-in” routine.

To manage your busy schedule, headspace has 2-3 minutes mini-meditations to give a quick start of your day. It has SOS meditations for to deal in special crises. If you are looking for someone to teach you the right way of Meditation, then this meditation apps is beneficial.

Google rating: 4.9

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2. Waking Up

If you are still looking at the purpose of living life then waking up app must be in your list. It has practice sessions for morning and evening. Begin your meditation journey with its 50-session course to know the basic principles of mindfulness meditation. You can also do the conversion with teachers, scholars, and practice with others in a group.

The app also offers short facts on science, philosophy and the nature of mind. The best thing about waking up app is that if you can’t afford to buy, you can ask them to get a free access of app.

Google ratings: 4.8

3. Stop, breath and think

Sometimes, you need a motivation to start Meditation and Stop, breathe, and think app is a kick start for motivation and Meditation. You will love its basic pages of explaining how the Meditation works on your mind and body.

Interestingly, when you go to the check-in screen of app, it will firstly ask you about your mood and then recommend the meditations. You can track your mood stability and meditation time with app’s tracker. Overall, you will appreciate everything that this app has to offer.

Google ratings: 4.8

4. Let’s Meditate

The app is a perfect option for the beginner, especially for the students who are interested in self-development by way of Meditation. Just choose a track and turn your life happier and peaceful. A variety of topics like sleep, healing, anxiety, spiritual is there to add in your favorites.

You can pick the shortest Meditation of track of 5 minutes and start adding the minutes daily to reach the 40 minutes Meditation. Moreover, you can download the tracks and listen whenever and wherever you want in offline mode.

Google ratings: 4.8

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5. Serenity:

Serenity is a beautifully designed app for Meditation that aims to bring a sense of peace and happiness in your life. The app is ideal for beginners to add meditation techniques in regular life. The Meditation comes with a timer that can be customized manually, and this also allows you to track your progress with graphs and statistics. The basic version of the meditation apps is free with 7-days audio course.

Google ratings: 4.8

6. Insight timer

Insight timer is the number 1 free meditation app. The app is beneficial for both beginners and experts. The app features more than 4000 guided meditations on stress, nature, sleep, self-love, better relationship, etc. You can follow the best teachers and join their community for poetry, discussion, Atheism, and many more.

Try using its music tracks and ambient sounds to promote the healthy sleep. With daily new 100+ free guided meditations, you will always be curious to know what’s interesting next?

Google ratings: 4.8

7. Simple Habit

Simple habit is one of the best apps recommended by mental health experts and psychologists. The app is specifically designed for helping stressful people in busy schedules. All you have to commit just 5 minutes a day to improve focus and anxiety-free sleep. 

The app allows you to set a reminder for Meditation at any time. More than 50 free meditations and daily meditation tracking chart are productive to start your journey. Start your simple habit of Meditation today.

Google ratings: 4.7

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8. 10% Happier

10% happier is a fun-loving meditation app for beginners to experts. Their animation videos with 500+ guided meditations are the best way to keep yourself happy. You will really appreciate their sleep section filled with many relaxation meditations. Every week, you will find some new interesting meditation guides, videos, talks, and sleep content.

Once you learn the basics, go for the premium version. It comes with personal coaching, video lectures, over 300 meditations, and more.

Google ratings: 4.7

9. Aura

Tell Aura, how are you feeling and get your customized three-minute track to change your mood into happy. Aura is a simple and therapeutic meditation app to help provide relief from stress. The app is suitable for people who are looking to practice Meditation effectively and quickly.

Aura offers you unlimited access to meditations, life coaching, and stories from top coaches and therapists. Involve yourself by participating in challenges to level up your well-being daily.

Google ratings: 4.5

10. Calm

The calm app has lots of calming exercises and breathing techniques. The app has hundreds of intermediate and advanced programs to teach you meditation techniques. Choose freely the session of 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 minutes depending on your schedule.

Further, in the breathe section, you will get a timer that let you know the breathe in and out timings. Even, kids in the age of 3 to 17 can learn Meditation with calm’s special kid’s section of Meditation.

Google ratings: 4.4

11. Omvana

This is another amazing meditation app designed to practice mindfulness daily. Daily lessons will help you to get peace in life with calmness and positivity. Omvana works as your personal mediation teacher. The app has more than 500 transformational audio tracks that have many benefits like better sleep, increased happiness, and healthier lifestyle.

Google ratings: 4.4

12. Sattva

Sattva app is based on the Vedic principles of Meditation. There are 100+ guided meditations starting just from six minutes. The app has lots of things to offer such as Vedic mantras, chants, meditation time and tracker, mood tracker, Challenges, wisdom quotes, meditation music, and many more.

You will always feel motivated with Sattva because it sets the new challenges to achieve and then het trophies to unlock advanced stages of Meditation.

Google ratings: 4.3

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13. Deep Meditation

Deep Meditation is a simple app but lots to offer in the field of Meditation. There are 4 different categories of meditations including breathing, imagery, muscle relaxation, and classic sessions. You will really enjoy the amazing sounds of Bonfire, light rain, lapping water, etc. to relax and feel the atmosphere.

The app comes with no ads, no subscription and no distraction.

Google ratings: 4.3

14. Breethe

Breathe and be calm with the Breethe app. Breethe provides customized 5-minutes meditations and useful tips to provide you the sound sleep. The app contains a 12-week daily program to bring more clarify and calm in your life. It is more stressed about how to face life challenges with mindfulness.

Whenever you feel stressed, just open the breathing exercise videos and calm down in a few minutes. Don’t forget to explore the app’s sleep music playlists and bedtime readings to enjoy more restful sleep.

Google ratings: 4.2

15. Buddhify

Buddhify is the app that becomes a part of your life. It asks you what are you doing and offers you the variety of meditations. Whether you are working, traveling, eating, or anything, practice the mindfulness exercises with any activity. Their powerful sessions range from 3 to 40 minutes.

The app is perfectly fits into your lifestyle and focus on converting your stress into peaceful sleep.

Google ratings: 4.1

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With the help of the best 15 meditation apps, even in a few days, you will find yourself calmer and relaxed. It takes just a few minutes to download your favorite meditation app. We would recommend you to choose the one to two apps from the above list and start practicing Meditation daily to make it a habit.

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