Stuck at home – Get a great workout with these apps in 2020

Stuck at home during a lockdown? It’s time to take a challenge and change your lifestyle. Many of us have found out hidden talents and hobbies to follow during this coronavirus lockdown. Now, it’s time to spend some time on our health.Workout apps.

Many people are suffering from stress and mental illness due to coronavirus outbreak. And, we all know a great workout is not only meant for the gym but home as well.


From tracking your daily workout progress, the workout apps allow you to attend a live workout with proper guidance. No matter what workout you are looking out to strengthen, cardio, yoga, running, or any fitness plan, the workout apps are your pocket trainer. 

Moreover, some apps have a community to work as a partner with you and take daily challenges to beat each other with motivation. 

Here are our top 12 workout apps that are available to download on your Google and Apple Store. To the best of them, you don’t need much of the time of your daily schedule. 

1. Workout Trainer

Workout trainer is a great home fitness app. The app is excellent for both the beginner and the experienced athlete training to maintain fitness. You can be focused and track your daily fitness with notifications, reminders, and personalized tracking. You will get thousands of workouts and customized training programs by expert trainers. The certified trainer will keep motivating you always with audio and video guidance. 

Millions of people have changed their lifestyle already. Now, it’s your turn to bring a personal trainer in your pocket. 

Google rating: 4.3

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2. Map My Fitness

If you have a busy schedule and looking for strength workouts like a gym at home, then Map my fitness is a great workout. Set your goal and get the personalized workout routine. The app offers you more than 800 exercises with audio and visual progress updates in real-time.  

The advantage of having Map my fitness app is that you can connect with the latest apps like Google Fit, Fitbit, Android wear, etc. When you can track all the activities and see your changed lifestyle, you will feel more motivated. 

Google rating: 4.5


3. Strong lifts 5*5

Challenge your limit with this beautiful and simple workout app. The app has a vast range of effective workouts to get stronger and build muscle. The app guides you with everything which exercises you should start, how much time you need to devote, and how long you need rest. 

You can use the app without any Ad interruptions. With the daily record of weight, it is easy for you to track, daily, weekly or monthly status. Start your workout with three exercises, three times a week, and 45 minutes each workout. Download and enjoy the videos of exercise and workout. 

Google rating: 4.9 

4. Strava:

Strava is the top recommendation for people who love running workouts. The app is a vast number of users connected with it. The app is suitable to track running and used by swimmers and cyclists. Turn your smartphone or GPS watch to follow your travel with Strava. 

You will find this app interesting when you start taking challenges with others. This is a motivating option to push yourself a bit harder. Show off your route and photos of the adventure of cycling.   

Google rating: 4.4

5. Freeletics

With thousands of HIIT workouts, Freeletics is a popular health & wellness app. It is the best app to exercise without any gm equipment. Whether you are looking to lose weight or gain muscle, Freeletics has an unlimited number of workouts. You can freely choose the personalized workout as per your fitness level and time preferences. 

Not only the workout, but their exclusive health tips and nutrition training is also much recommended. 

Google rating: 4.1 

6. Tone It Up

Bored with the same daily workout? Try Tone it up with their new fresh classes every week. Their classes include HIIT, Yoga, Cardio, and kickboxing for a variety of fitness objectives. Daily reminders and workout motivation will not let you back without achieving the fitness goals.  

The app is specially designed for women. Tone It Up is free to download an app with seven days of a free trial. A workout is incomplete without the healthy recipes. So, unlock all healthy diets and exercises with Tone It Up.

Google rating: 4.2 

rope workout

7. Aaptiv

If you are a beginner and looking for the workout app to build you up since starting to expert, then Aaptiv is for you. The app is full of certified personal trainers and an amazing music playlist. Trainers are always with you to inspire you to hit a specific call.

Explore their workout list containing thousands of strength training, yoga, stretching, and many more. With Adaptive, every week, get new 30 classes to stay motivated and music playlist of your favorite artists to enjoy. 

Google rating: 3.8

8. Daily Burn

How about doing workout live with your trainers at home? Their daily live workout shows will help you to build a daily routine of exercise. The best thing is, in case you missed out on any live session, you will get the one on demand for 24 hours. 

Daily burn’s special guests feature amazing; it allows you to connect with the favorite celebrities and fitness experts. Enjoy their 30 days free trial and then Sign up to become the member with unlimited workout access and fun. 

Google rating: 4.5

9. 8fit

Excited to change your lifestyle with quick workout routines and healthy meal planner? 8fit is an immediate start for you. With no equipment, the workout app allows you to exercise at home. Their quick sessions are of 5 to 20 minutes. More than 350 exercises and challenging tasks, you would never feel like missing any day workout.

Measure your progress with strength tests and fitness tracker. 8fit also helps you with the nutrition intake and guidance with your meal planning.

Google rating: 4.5

10. My fitness pal

Reach your desired goals with My fitness pal. Whether it is weight gain, lose, or maintain, all you need to set your goal or let the app create a personalized workout plan as per your body type and food consumption. Choose over 350 cardio and strength exercises, including walking, biking, pilates, sets, reps, etc. 

With 11+ million food databases, you can add your food in a list and make a plan of calorie intake. The app’s macro tracker calculates the macros (fat, protein, and carbs) in your meals. Connect your favorite apps Fitbit, HealthKit, Runkeeper, and many more.

Google rating: 4.5

11. Seven-minute workout

Another excellent health and fitness app with a tracker screen to monitor your progress. All you need a chair, wall, and seven precious minutes of your day. Every workout has separate videos with guidelines to follow. 

The app is based on HICT (high-intensity circuit training), offering the maximum results with minimum time. The 7 minutes workout consists of only 12 exercises of 30 seconds. Each activity allows the break of 10 seconds.

Google rating: 4.8

strength workout

12. Keelo

Keelo is a full-body workout with a perfect combination of strength, cardio, and conditioning. The app allows you to connect with a heart rate monitor during any workout. With HD instructional video, you will experience a new way of workout. 

You need highly 7 to 20 minutes of your schedule. The app has unique features like real-time chat option with experts, data sync with Goggle Fit tracks daily progress. 

Google rating: 4.4

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