Panchtatva in a healthy diet and its significance in the human body.

Ayurveda is a comprehensive approach for your spiritual growth and overall health. According to Ayurveda, the universe is made up of five basic elements Space (Akash), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni), Water (Jal), and Earth (Prithvi). These five basic elements are known as Panchtatva. Here we discussed the Panchtatva play an important role in our Diet.

These five elements are found in different proportions in everyone’s body and each element can cause a disturbance in our body. Some elements support and nurture each other. For example, Earth and water are compatible and same with earth and fire, while some elements are not compatible, like fire and water.

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Meaning of Panchtatva

Panch means Five and Tatva mean Element. These five elements of the universe are eternal – they can neither be created nor destroyed. If these elements become an imbalance in our body, it leads to a diseased and suffering and nature cure uses them for the restoration of health. 

As per our Indian Mythology, we, human beings are born with the combination of these five elements – Water, Air, Fire, Earth, and Space! These elements not only help us to feel senses but also play a crucial role in a healthy diet of a human being.

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The human body and the significance of different elements:

Panch Tattva   Significance in the human body and healthy diet  
Earth   Responsible for a solid structure such as bones, flesh, skin, tissue, and hair
Water Responsible for saliva, urine, semen, blood, and sweat
Fire Responsible for hunger, thirst, and sleep
Air Responsible for breathing and suppression
Sky Responsible for unlimited thoughts and fear 

When the human body contains all the Panch Tatva in balance, then it provides happiness, peace, and a healthy body! 

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How Panchtatva promote a healthy diet in the human body?

SKY (Aakash) Tatva

Panchtatva - Sky
Panchtatva – Sky

Sky tatva is the first important tatva. It brings open thoughts in the human mind. However, people kept themselves busy with their thoughts, which continuously compelled them to demotivate.

Being healthy needs people to stay away from the tensions, stress and negative thoughts. So, with the presence of Sky tatva, here when we look at the open sky & make us free from the unnecessary thoughts by the means of meditation, prayers, and visiting temples. It helps us to connect ourselves with divinity and also helps to get rid of some diseases like heart diseases, cancer, insomnia, etc.

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 Panchtatva - Water
Panchtatva – Water

Our body contains 70% of the water element which helps to smoothen the overall functions of the body. Water tatva also helps to balance the high level of When Fire tatva in our body. For instance, during summer, we drink more water and also willing to bath more.

The water element is responsible to eliminate toxins in our body, there everyone suggests to consume more water when you get up in the morning. It also provides the ability to adapt, flow, avoid unhealthy attachments, and cold illnesses such as joint pain, swelling of glands.

To promote water tatva in our body, hydrotherapy is recommended. It is the use of hot and cold water to eliminate stress, tension, heal injuries, enhance various bodily functions and reduce any inflammation. Those who are suffering from insomnia can also use hot water therapy, which includes dipping your feet in the mild water for 15 minutes daily before sleeping helps to get a relaxed sleep. 

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  Panchtatva - Air
Panchtatva – Air

Air tatva is another significant element in human beings as without it you cannot survive. The Vayu element is responsible for all free movements in our body like breathing (inhalation and exhalation), movement of joints, etc. 

Moreover, the pressure of air allows the blood to reach every part of the body. Disposal of excreta is also an example of Air tatva. 

The imbalance of the Air element leads to the extreme dryness of the skin, tissues, and joints. As wind travels faster across a large space (increase in Ether), it causes excessive coldness and increased sensitivity to drafts, obstructed blood flow, bloating, constipation, lethargy, insomnia, muscular spasms, emotional stagnancy, dry cough, etc.

To promote Air tatva in your body, it is recommended to perform some breathing exercises. It is very powerful to clean the toxins from our body. Also, when we perform yoga including Alom vilom, Pranayama, deep breathing, etc. we always focus on our breath, which promotes purification in our body.

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The Fire tatva helps to maintain the temperature of the body, helps in the digestion of food. It is also responsible for the vision of your eyes. The shine of the skin and glow in the complexion is also a reflection of the Fire element.

The imbalance of Agni tatva expresses itself in its aggressive form, like a fever in the body. Other symptoms of excessive Fire are hyperacidity, redness of the skin, inflammation, excessive sweating, and bad temper. The lack of Agni results in low absorption of nutrients and building up of toxins in the body.

To promote Fire Tatva in our body, we should spend some time in front of sun rays. Sun rays help to nurture your muscles, hairs, kidney, lungs, and skin. 


Earth Tatva, the last panchtatva in a healthy diet manages all the tatva to work properly of the subconscious mind when the human body is in a sleeping state. This element is responsible for the chewing of food, digestion, and metabolism of food, etc. The shortage of the Earth element in the body results in weakened muscle tone, leaching of calcium from bones and general weakness.

To promote Earth’s tatva in a healthy diet, it is good to have a small garden or park in your area, which will keep you in contact with soil, fresh air, etc. 

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Therefore, it is clear that our bodies cannot be maintained merely by taking Food. It also needs its existence from the other Elements. Using the Panchtatva in a healthy diet is an alternative of treatment, which results in complete healing.

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