Stress and Anxiety: How to overcome it?

How to overcome stress and anxiety?

Nowadays stress became very common among people. Several people are there battling with stress and anxiety. In fact in the US people say that they feel stressed and anxious on a daily basis.

Overcome stress and anxiety

I have seen a lot of people, who only care about their physical health. They only focus on their muscles & bicep I am not saying that focusing on your body is wrong, it’s important but you should also need to take care of your mental health & well-being.

In this article, you’ll get to know

The signs & Symptoms of stress and anxiety,

“How to control stress and anxiety?”,

“How to overcome stress and anxiety?” stay tuned till the end.

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What stress and anxiety is?

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety are interlinked with each other. Anxiety is triggered by stress. Anxiety refers to a sudden feeling of worry & nervousness. It’s a condition when your body can’t handle a sudden feeling of fear and nervousness.

Everyone is worried about something. So, it is common or normal to worry until the person feels an irrelevant level of anxiety on a daily basis. Irrelevant levels of anxiety on a daily basis might be a sign of anxiety disorder.

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What is an anxiety disorder?

An anxiety disorder

Anxiety disorder refers to an excessive feeling of worry, nervousness and uncertain thinking. When the feeling of nervousness can’t be controlled, nervousness reaches its peak that means the person is suffering from an anxiety disorder.

At this moment chest muscles get tightens and it leads to fast breathing or shallow breathing.

During anxiety, a person may feel that he’s not getting enough air, which can make the person panic. If the person gets panic it makes the situation worse.

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Warning signs :

Signs of stress & anxiety

 Shortness of breath

 Sweating

 Dizziness

 Feeling faint

 Rapid heartbeat

 Blood pressure increases

 Low energy

 Headache

 Chest pain

 Insomnia

 Nervousness

 Shaking

 Cold or sweaty hands & feet

How to control it?

Dealing with stress is not an easy task. Only the person, who goes through this, only he knows how it feels and how difficult it is to control stress and anxiety. We can’t even imagine, through what a person is going through on a daily basis.

People should know how to control stress and anxiety, it’s really important. People should control stress and anxiety with calmness, always remembers it’ll pass away soon, don’t let it dominate over you.

Steps to control :

 Keep yourself calm don’t get panic

 Make yourself believe that it’ll pass soon

 Try to not think about the situation due to which it caused

 Meditate

 Do inhale & exhale breathing techniques

How to control stress and anxiety naturally?

It’s really important to know how to control stress and anxiety naturally. Because our body has some limitations means our body has a limit to bear something. Suppose a person is eating day & night continuously, definitely, the person will fall sick because our stomach has a limit to digest food similarly our body can deal or bear with stress and anxiety to a certain extent.

Steps to control stress and anxiety naturally:

Control stress and anxiety naturally

 Exercise daily

 Meditation

 Stay positive

 Get enough sleep

 Eat well-balanced meal

 Don’t overthink

 Spend time with loved ones

 Avoid smoking and alcohol

 Avoid taking caffeine

 Positive self-talk


Exercise is one of the best ways to combat stress and anxiety. People who do exercise on a daily basis are less likely to face or experience stress and anxiety. Exercise helps to lower stress hormones.


firstly, Meditation should be done on a daily basis for at least 10-15 minutes. Meditation helps to keep your mind and body relax and calm, reduce mental stress. It promotes emotional health and it also improves sleep. Study says that who meditates fell asleep sooner and also stayed asleep longer.

Stay positive:

Usually, the negative thought comes first in someone’s mind. Every situation has two aspects, one is the positive aspect and the other one is the negative aspect. Try to see the positive aspect of the situation and avoid the negative one.

Get enough sleep:

a human body needs a minimum 7 to 8 hours of sleep. So try to give your body that minimum sleep.

Eat well-balanced meal:

A very common phrase, that we all have heard “ Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy”. So, don’t neglect your health otherwise, you’ll have to suffer in later life. Eat a well-balanced meal.

Don’t overthink:

don’t think too much about something, it affects your brain as well as your health. By kept thinking on a particular thing or an incident neither you can change nor you can stop that from happening. So do not harm your health by thinking over it

Spend time with loved ones:

Try to spend some time with your loved ones, share your worries your happiness with your loved ones whom you trust, It’ll give your heart relief.

Avoid smoking and alcohol:

many smokers and alcoholic persons believe that smoking and drinking helps to calm nerves and deal with stress and anxiety but the actual truth is, the nicotine that presents in this narcotics causes anxiety symptoms or makes it worse. So avoid smoking & alcohol.

Positive self-talk:

Positive self-talk helps a lot to control stress and anxiety. Try to do positive self-talk during these attacks. Self-talks like.

Anxiety can’t dominate me

Nothing to get panic, it is only for a short time, it’ll pass away soon

I can overcome this

I can control this baseless fear, fear can’t control me

These types of positive self-talk will help you to control stress and anxiety for sure.

These are common and normal. Almost everyone is suffering from this but when it interferes in your day to day activities means when you aren’t able to concentrate on your daily activities, you aren’t able to enjoy those activities which you used to enjoy a lot earlier. From that moment the person should follow these steps to control these problems.

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