How to manage the lockdown situations of Coronavirus at home?

Coronavirus epidemic

The most dreadful beginning occurred a few months ago in Wuhan, China when a virus named Coronavirus spread as an outbreak. Slowly, it became an epidemic in China and news spread to all the nations worldwide of people being hospitalized, people not recovering and dying. So we will discuss how to manage the lockdown situation of coronavirus at home?

A crisis occurred in the country and many doctors and nurses treating the patients also became a victim of the situation. No one in the world could predict that this epidemic would soon turn into a pandemic.

But WHO recently declared it as a worldwide emergency, a pandemic. Pandemic is more or less referred to as a situation where the continent, more specifically the entire world is harboured with the disease. 

Warnings on Coronavirus

lockdown situation of coronavirus

There were plenty of warnings on Coronavirus too- heard but unheeded and that is what the countries and its people are paying for now and facing lockdown situations. Every night we sleep, we sleep in the terror of hearing new news about Coronavirus being spread to our state.

Our people and every night we sleep with the pain of the death of our people while we wake up with the death of a dozen more. Whoever knew that the virus would turn our lives updown, more like a joke. 

The news channels flash the headlines that the most powerful of the countries equipped with the latest technology and advanced medical facilities are inevitable to abandon its citizen on the road to death because the ICU’s are all occupied by the people who haven’t yet recovered. 

 “The coronavirus pandemic continues to affect everyday life and records a total of 12,592 deaths, most in Europe (7,199) and Asia (3,459).

“Italy has recorded the highest death i.e. 4,825 deaths now that is higher than even China (3,255) where the outbreak began late last year”.

Coronavirus live cases track:

Track Novel Coronavirus (COVID – 19) live cases here:  

lockdown situation of coronavirus

Right to medical healthcare is a right for all irrespective of caste, color, creed or gender but whom can we blame for this situation? Coronavirus is no less than a curse to mankind. There has been enough awareness regarding the precautions that can be taken. The countries have taken all possible initiatives to stop the spread of Coronavirus but people are still not taking it seriously and aren’t following the instructions strictly. 

Due to such noncompliances by people, the Indian Governments have started to completely shut down the cities to avoid interactions with people. 

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Lockdown situation of Coronavirus in India: 

  • Janta Curfew in India: On Thursday, March 26, 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Janata Curfew from 7 am and will end at 9 pm in India. Where people should stay at home and maintain social distancing to prevent from spreading Coronavirus. 
  • Metro Shut Down: Delhi and Bengaluru metro stations will be shut down on Sunday, March 22, 2020, as part of Janata Curfew.
  • Delhi Malls Shut Down:All malls have already been shut down in the Delhi from Friday due to coronavirus pandemic. 
  • Lockdown in Mumbai: Meanwhile, as a preventive measure for spreading more of a novel coronavirus pandemic, the Maharashtra government also announced the shut down of Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and Pimpri Chinchwad cities on Friday till March 31.
  • Lockdown in Rajasthan: Coronavirus pandemic, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Saturday directed a ‘complete lockdown’ in the state till March 31, starting from Sunday (March 22). However, shops selling daily necessities things like vegetables, dairy, and medical items will remain open during this period.
  • Lockdown in Punjab: The Punjab government on Sunday decided to enforce lockdown in the entire state till March 31 in the wake of the threat of coronavirus.
  • Partial Lockdown in Mizoram: The Mizoram government on March 21, 2020 (Saturday ordered a “partial lockdown” across all districts of the state till March 29 in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. All stores, malls and crowded places will remain closed during partial lockdown situations of Coronavirus except pharmacies and those selling essential commodities. 

What a lockdown situation of coronavirus looks like:

  • People are required to maintain distance, avoid going out and stay at home. 
  • Companies allowed to the workers and employees to work from home and offices are asked to close.
  • Police patrols make sure that crowded places like cafes, restaurants, Pubs do not gather the crowd and also do not remain open till late.
  • Daily wage workers and migrant labourers are hit hard due to curfew and restriction on working due to the shutdown of the company’s operations significantly.
  • Economy slipping into a recession and risk of major job losses.

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How to manage the lockdown situation of coronavirus at home?

The corona has already disturbed everyone’s life from young to kids, adults to older people. Some companies have also allotted work from home to protect their employees from COVID – 19, Kids exams have been postponed, schools are shut down, etc. 

These all initiatives have been taken by the Government for our safety but being locked down at home full day is not easy. Those who have work from home options can still keep them busy at their work but what about those who are sitting idle at home especially kids?

Well, if you see some positive side of a lockdown situation, along with the prevention measures, we have got some time to spend with our family and kids. Don’t you use to complain that we are busy in our lives and not get even a single time to spend with our family?

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Here are some ways to spend quality time even staying at home during lockdown situation of Coronavirus

  • Lockdown situation of coronavirus at home gives us the chance to spend lots and lots of time with our children
  • Parents should also watch funny videos with their children, “and program in ‘off’ times when you can be on your own… while someone else looks after the children.
  • It’s time to get healthy. Yes, everyone has a plan to live a healthy life and their daily office schedule doesn’t allow them to do. Now, it’s time to take advantage of lockdown situations. You can perform some meditation sessions, Yoga and exercises at home to keep yourself healthy. 
  • Kids got the chance to follow their hobbies like dancing, drawing, and playing games. 

How to work from home in Lockdown situations of Coronavirus:

Another main problem arises how to work from home with so many distractions? Here are a few tips on how to work from home during the Lockdown situation of coronavirus:

1. Find a suitable work area: Create a separate workspace for your work. If you have a separate room, it’s good to make your work productive. Otherwise, choose the comfortable furniture from your home, keep your working desk clean make sure to have a clean background in case of any skype or video calls with colleagues.

2. Organize your work: Keep your laptop, mobile phone, and other required documents always with you. Make sure not to allow kids nearby you while you are working. Share slot times who will take care of kids while you are working at home. Try to maintain the same routine daily as if you are in the office.

3. Make a work plan: Fix your work targets as allocated by your senior. Keep the worklist ready in front of you before starting any work and schedule your time. Avoid multitasking as it will kill your productivity and you will not be able to manage work from home.

4. Communicate first: Make sure you are in constant touch with your other employees and manager to keep communicating your work done. Make calls or chat whenever you complete any task. 

Most importantly don’t forget to follow the preventive measures to protect yourself from coronavirus. 

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How to protect older people from Coronavirus?

The worst affected population as per the reports are the old people aged above 60 years of age. Due to other co-morbidities, the chances of catching corona in this population are ten times more and it has also been proved by the recent news.

Since the countries do not have enough manpower, resources, and facilities to treat all of them, they are leaving the old ones untreated. What is it if not the worst nightmare of our lives? When did we ever think that our lives would become a joke, that we would be abandoned like unclaimed baggage at the airport!

WHO Report Card

The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that Coronavirus is more deadly for people over the age of 60. WHO’s Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has also tweeted: “If you are 60+, or have an underlying condition like cardiovascular disease, a respiratory condition or diabetes, you have a higher risk of developing severe #COVID19”.

Moreover, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) also said that people having age more than 80 with major illnesses have the greatest risk and should take extra precautions. 

The elderly with pre-existing conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and lung disease, may be severely affected by the Coronavirus.

Despite there are many preventive measures to protect yourself from Coronavirus but here are some of the ways to take care of older members of your families and prevent them from Coronavirus:

1. Wash your Hands:

Washing hands with soap frequently is the best way to protect from coronavirus. It is recommended to wash hands for at least 20 seconds. If the elders are not able to get up again and again, they can use a sanitizer for washing hands. Make sure the sanitizer contains at least 60% alcohol.  

lockdown situation of coronavirus

2. Try not to touch your face (especially eyes, nose and mouth):

There are various proven studies (one of the famous one American Journal of Infection Control) revealed that a person touches his/her face more than 20 times a day. Touching some infected surfaces and then you face is another medium of spreading coronavirus. Further, Eyes, nose, and mouth are the pathways to the lungs and throat and coronavirus first attacks on the throat. 

3. Cover mouth with tissue:

No doubt that any virus starts spreading from the cough and sneezing droplets, similarly coronavirus is. Cough or sneeze droplets can travel up through the air to approximately 7ft (2.1m). So, it is recommended for older people to cover their mouth and nose with a tissue while sneezing or coughing. Make sure not to use the same tissue again and threw it straightaway.

4. Avoid Crowd and stay home:

The World Health Organisation has requested people especially those over the age of 60 – to avoid crowd and stay at home during the lockdown situations of Coronavirus. This is because the risk of exposure to Covid-19 may increase in crowded if there are people in the crowd who are sick. 

5. Watch your symptoms:

Pay attention to the COVID-19 symptoms. If you will any of the symptoms, call your doctor, otherwise, the matter could be more serious. 

lockdown situation of coronavirus

According to the CDC, COVID-19 is also a lot like seasonal flu spreading vastly in the world. From 70 to 85 percent of all flu-related deaths, and 50 to 70 percent of flu-related hospitalizations, occur among those 65 years and over.

If you need any medical emergency or found any of the COVID-19 symptoms, contact their emergency helpline number – +91-11-23978046. 

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How Coronavirus Spreads?

The ongoing pandemic disease of COVID-19 is a respiratory virus. It replicates itself in the human body and attacks the respiratory system. The symptoms that first appear are cold, cough and high-grade fever followed by inability to breathe, shortness of breath and ultimately leading to respiratory failure.

It is very similar to the SARS virus that grew like an epidemic a few years ago. It spreads in the air and is a droplet infection. Having contacts within 3ft with a positive person can lead you to have the virus. Also, it depends upon the immune system of the person whether he catches the virus or not and that is why the ones having a weaker immunity are bound to catch it faster and have fatal effects.

No particular vaccine has been prepared for the treatment but the antiretrovirals and steroids are being given. The ones used in SARS, swine flu and HIV are being given to the people and they have shown positive effects also. Other than this the main prevention of Coronavirus lies in self-quarantine that is isolating self to prevent the spread.

lockdown situation of coronavirus

Government steps:-

Despite the warnings and pleadings by the government to not do mass gatherings and not to travel, the people have been mercilessly doing what they want as a result of which the cases have only risen.

If one person is infected, he can transmit the virus to the other 100 people that he comes in contact with making the lockdown situation of coronavirus all the worse. 

All we are doing is sitting at our homes with eyes fixed on the news channel reports eager to know when this pandemic end but have we even given a thought about the medical staff, the doctors and nurses who are working in such a critical situation amid the positive people?

If we do not follow the instructions given by the WHO and our governments strictly, we are only being a liability to our government. 

Economic Burden

We are increasing the burden on our economy, on the doctors and nurses who are working for us in the crisis. The resources in the hospitals are limited and if the number of patients becomes uncontrolled then not only the staff will be compromised but also the health of the patients admitted there.

It will create a panic if the number of person increases in the hospital therefore it is wisdom in staying at home for as long as possible. There is no harm in taking a few days off and contributing to the country in times of crisis. The wise individual is the one who learns from the happenings with others and since the countries are suffering a drastic fall, it is safe for us to be inside. 

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Coronavirus has turned our lives into malice. We are humans and we have become infectious for other humans. It is the time when we realize that there is no need to panic but to give a moment of concern to the happenings around the world. We all have tostay at home during the lockdown situation of Coronavirus and follow the norm of social distancing.

Maintain a social distance to be safe and keep the others safe. It’s time that we realize that human lives are important and should not be taken for granted, that we learn that our isolation matters to our country and our people. 

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