Is the Stress no #1 Killer?

Stress no #1 Killer
Stress no #1 Killer

“You have just read the word “stress” and many things started to revolve in your brain. However, while it’s in the top 10 most-stressed countries in the world, the United States is not the worst. Here are the top-10 most-stressed countries in 2018 according to the Gallup survey:

Top-10 most-stressed countries in 2018

  1. Greece
  2. Philippines
  3. Tanzania
  4. Albania
  5. Iran
  6. Sri Lanka
  7. United States
  8. Uganda
  9. Costa Rica
  10. Rwanda

What is the root cause of stress

For a few minutes, just keep these entire aside. I’m here to help you to find out the root cause of stress, which is eating you mentally as well as physically. I hope you agree that stress is the number one killer of Money, Job, health, relations and many other things.

Yes, we all are aware of this fact, but the actual problem is we are still not able to identify the reason for this killer disease (Stress) and how to deal with this? 

Here, I’m going to share the main reason for causing stress and How to deal with them? Living in this hectic living, the sooner you understand the actual cause of stress, the happier you are going to live. A recent article of economic times says eighty-two percent of Indians are over-involved by killer stress factors. Stress levels in the Asian nations stay terribly high compared to alternative developed countries just like the USA, UK, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA, and FRANCE.

Causes of stress:-

1. Comparison:

Don’t deny the fact that you don’t compare yourself with others. 90% of the people compare themselves in terms of money, livelihood, jobs, and physically. Comparing yourself with others makes you pressurize to compete with others. Yes, it creates stress !!

“You compare your living life with others, then why don’t you think to die at the same time when others die?” Think once.


How to deal? Habits don’t go away soon but you can get rid of this habit by comparing yourself, not with others but with yourself. It will help to make you a better day by day.

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2. The greediness of money:

 Ever pressurized yourself for money, not for the survival needs but to show off. Many Times, Right? Lack of money creates mind instability, the ultimate cause of tension. 

One must be Financial Independent for their comfort survival not to show others. Focus on earning enough to live a healthy life.  

A simple thing to understand “A millionaire women reached the hospital to treat herself, who was suffering from some disease caused due to stress and living the last stage of life, she gave all her money to specialized doctors to treat herself but none could help her.” Hope you understand the relationship between stress and health.

How to deal? Your health should be your priority not the greediness of money. Focus on your needs. If someone’s need can be your need, then yours need can be of someone’s need.

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3. Negative energy: 

 Negativity in mind is the hidden cause of Stress. If you let the negativity of anxiety control your life, you will hold yourself back from accomplishing many things you want to do. Negative energy allows you to complain about every aspect, which not only affects you mentally but also physically. 

Once your mind starts absorbing negative energy, it is too dangerous to control it.

Work stress
Work stress

How to deal? Read positive quotes, watch positive videos, and talk to people with a positive mindset. As soon as a negative thought hit, keep it aside and divert your mind.

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4. Expectations: 

Keeping high expectations from yourself and surroundings results in stress. Once you become addicted to expect from anything or any person, you keep suffering. Expectations only lead to disappointment and stress. 

Meeting our expectations could bring happiness, but if we keep waiting to be happy for a particular thing to be happen, we might be waiting for a long time.

How to deal? Live life without expectations. How wonderful it is not to expect and get surprises from life.

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5. Controlling a Situation: 

Every situation is not in your control, but your mindset can help you to control your reactions. Once in a lifetime, you must have suffered a situation which you can’t control and that caused high stress, adverse effect on your body and mind. 

Once you understand the worst cause that could happen due to an uncontrolled situation, you will start finding the solution calmly rather than stressing yourself.

How to deal? Let everything go with the flow, keep patience. God has written best for everyone.

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Life is all about up and downs but it doesn’t permit you to keep stressing all time and affect your body and mind all the time. Everything looks good till a limit. 

Everything is perfect, focus on yourself to a happy healthy and wealthy life. 


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