How to keep your relationship intact during the Coronavirus lockdown?

Coronavirus lockdown Impact: It has been quite some time that we all are staying together at our home and following social distancing. Not only this, but your dream of working from home has also become true now that is “To Work From Home.” Prime Minister Narendra Modi has imposed a lockdown across India for 21 days till April 14, 2020.

Think some of the earlier days before coronavirus lockdown, and you were looking to spend some good time with your partner to make your relationship stronger. 

Relationship during the coronavirus lockdown

coronavirus lockdown

Well, love in the time of the Coronavirus could test your relationship as well. Apparently, this is because now couples are forced to stay at home due to coronavirus lockdown. 

During the first few days of social distancing, no doubt, there was so much fun to do like Netflix, fun games to play together, listening to music, and much more. 

But what now? Why do people feel their relationship is falling apart, being in extremely close quarters?

Coronavirus Lockdown effect

As the Coronavirus has locked down our houses, we are not allowed to go out anywhere. In such situations, usually, some couples feel like it is ‘trapped.‘ When you are trapped, it is common to respond defensive and with anxiety, which can transfer to our partner, feeding into their own stress.

Although it’s a human tendency to throw out their emotions on others, but it can affect your relationship severely. 

Here’s how to keep your relationship intact during coronavirus lockdown

coronavirus lockdown

Although the tough situations are going on and you love enjoying freedom, but it’s worth taking steps to keep your relationship intact in the coronavirus lockdown situation instead of having a negative effect on your romantic relationships. Who knows it might become more reliable than ever?

Express your emotions without blowing up the fight: 

coronavirus lockdown

It is very normal to have feelings of frustration and stress while staying in a small place together the whole day. But blowing it out on your partner can have something of a negative effect on your relationship.

The best way to deal with such a situation is by expressing what you want and what you want to say with some positive words. It won’t change into a fight anymore. One of the biggest communication mistakes couples do they harshly talk with their partners by blaming each other. 

Instead of blaming by pointing out with words like because of you, start talking with “I.” For example: “I’m feeling frustrated right now, or I’m feeling anxious about something, or I’ll speak once this will be alright.

Such feeling will not spread any negativity in your relationship and will help to maintain a healthy and happy relationship.

Make sure to have some “alone time”: 

Be practical; you can’t stay with someone all time, you need little space for yourself. This is the peak time to test your relationship during Coronavirus lockdown by having a healthy conversion with your partner. 

Be honest with each other about needing a little space. Discuss what each one of you needs and how you can support each other – but make sure you also have the time and space to take care of yourself.

Be present for each other: 

coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus lockdown is an ups and downs situation, and for sure, it is not going to stay forever. If any of you is feeling down, be present, and listen to each other. Keep all distractions aside from your phone, your Netflix shows, etc. Instead of letting this situation test your relationship, use some positive words like “I am here for you, how can I help?”

This will not only ‘fix’ the problem but also make your partner happy because of a sympathetic ear. 

Remember, everyone has their own ways of dealing with themselves. You might handle yourself in such situations, but your partner might need your emotional presence. Listening to your partner’s feelings without being defensive is the best way to make your relationship stronger. 

Look for opportunities to show interest: 

Well, some people crave emotional intimacy or some for physical. Such personalities attract each other. However, is there such a thing as ‘too much’ intimacy?

Healthy relationship

The experience of ‘too much’ is perceived differently depending upon the stages of relationships. For instance, when couples are their long term relationship stage, they prefer to spend ‘alone’ time more, whereas couples at an early stage after marriage prefer ‘too much’ intimacy. However, intimacy for a healthy relationship is exactly what they both want. 

So, to keep your relationship healthy during the lockdown, turn off the TV, strike up some real conversation with your partner and prosper during quarantine, look for the opportunities to interact with others.

Express affection during the time of conflict and not criticize for expressing these feelings.

How to improving your relationship

coronavirus lockdown

Quarantine has not only given a chance to test your relationship positively or negatively but has also provided the opportunities to improve your relationship while keeping it intact.

Few things strictly to avoid during quarantine: 

  • Make sure your partner is not getting offended with your complaints to prevent conflicts. 
  • Make sure not to insult each other even with the sarcasm
  • Make sure not to each other or give negative gestures.  

Few things to follow during quarantine: 

  • Listen to your partner, ask questions and respond properly
  • Start a conversation on common grounds, values, intentions and express appreciations
  • Fix the problems in a fun and exciting manner by working as a team and celebrate differences.

Final Words:

Some people test their relationships while they are in the distance (long-distance relationships) while some test when they are together for the full day (Coronovirus lockdown), but what matters most is how they deal with such situations.

The best way not to test this lockdown in your relationship is to make a new routine with your partner to keep yourself. Of course no need to stay away from intimations, if you both agree. Use this time to improve mental well-being, which can help to build intimacy as well. 

Don’t’ forget to share in the comments how you are spending your time with your partner?

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