How The Coronavirus Outbreak Will Affect Your Job Search & How To Overcome It.

Both life and work seem to be going well, but a sudden unfortunate throw off everything it’s your life, work, job, and earnings during coronavirus outbreak.

corona outbreak

Yes, it’s all started with a distant voice talked about some virus in China and now become a reason for global crises. It’s CORONAVIRUS.

Over the past few months, the Indian economy has been badly hit by the coronavirus pandemic. It has not only affected the economy at the global level but the individual level as well. When you see your investments, you must have seen a sudden drop in value. Stock markets fall rapidly, and even the wealthy individuals, institutions started to sell their portfolio aggressively due to the panic.

Moving ahead, Companies stopped their businesses; many of the people have to pause their jobs. Human resource departments have stopped hiring until it is utmost necessary. The only reason is the insecurity and non-clarity of the future due to coronavirus.  

Some, like the travel industries, are facing the worst crises right now. Further, if the economy falls into a recession, almost all of us are at risk of losing our jobs. Especially if you are a job-seeker, searching for a job in a recession will be a challenging task, and you need a well-defined plan to save your career.

Such situations are creating panic for those who are now in search of a job. Many of us are looking at its answer, “How the Coronavirus Outbreak Will Affect our Job Search and How to Overcome It.”

Because Companies are saying straightforwardly, “There is no need to hire employees when business conditions are deteriorating.” It’s cold-hearted to hear this, but executives want to protect the interest of companies.

Working professionals and active job seekers across the globe are now contemplating remote work options and alternative job search methods.

In this coronavirus outbreak situation, here are some ways how to prepare yourself for job search:

Well, however, the future of the job market is unpredictable, but what is certain is workers will be hired; only the process will be changed. For instance, Amazon recently announced it is hiring an additional 100,000 employees in the U.S. to meet a surge in demand from online shopping.

remote search

Remote Interviews: 

Social distancing is not allowing having face to face interviews, but as an alternative, companies can take remote interviews. Many repudiated companies like Twitter, Amazon, Google, Ford, etc. have switched over to over the call or video interviews to hire candidates.

Here the interviews over the video conferencing modes like skype. The remote interview is the first thing that can affect your job search. Keep the following things in mind before attending the video interviews

  • Act professionally
  • Dress up properly
  • Have a clear background
  • No distractions and disruptions of noise
  • Learn communication and organizational skills
  • Check your equipment like microphone, webcam, etc.  

Once you are all set with these, you will feel motivated and confident to crack your remote interview.

Grab online opportunities:

If you have the profile of working remotely as a digital expert, then it will be easy for you to grab the remote opportunities. Moreover, you can take advantage of this coronavirus outbreak to learn new skills online, like on Udemy, Coursera, etc. Their courses will help you to enhance your career.

Keep the following things in mind:

  • Focus on remote learning skills
  • Focus on skills required for are mote interview like communication

Take advantage of less competition

Break your comfort zone and Take advantage of less competition due to coronavirus. Undoubtedly, there is nothing safe than staying in your own country, but once the situations get controlled. You will be hired at a good earning level. Because there are specific sectors of job which will be in need and have a good scope in the future likes the Digital industry.

Here are the few tips to overcome

  • Prepare a professional CV
  • Work on your portfolio
  • Follow LinkedIn and connect professionals for job search
  • Connect with the recruiters
  • Focus on digital presence and social media

The steps you need to follow:

steps to follow

Selecting the company: Search for the companies with good financial conditions and have robust business plans to secure your future along with them. For example, technology companies.

Break your comfort zone: Its now not limited to switching companies but chances to shift geographical boundaries. You have to look for opportunities in some other cities.

Grow your network: Many platforms allow you to search for jobs like, Indeed, Linkedin, companies website, etc. Companies prefer to hire the candidates from the linkedin profiles due to the professionalism. Invest your time in building connections in your linkedin and upload your CV.

Focus on Income: Although it is necessary to have a job of your interest and field recession doesn’t see this. When its recession time, your focus ultimately shifts to income generation. Look for the part-time opportunities until you get the job like profit commission-based sales, blogging, freelancing work, etc.  

Summing up

Though the coronavirus outbreak is impacting everyone’s work and job, it’s not affecting our business needs. You need essential daily groceries, a platform like an amazon also require workers to manage their business. You need internet and mobile services 24*7, technology companies are still recruiting candidates to maintain the facilities.

Therefore, hiring needs are crucial, and the positions in the companies are still open and need the right candidates to continue their strong business.

We’ve always managed to find ways to fight with deadly diseases, outbreaks, and epidemics. It may take time, but work and life will turn around soon and get back to the normal track.

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