Fitness trends for 2020

What we do in our present determines our future. It is a general human psychology to develop future plans for yourself in the present. These plans can be related to anything, be it our job, our next car, or just the next type of clothing we want to buy. But what do we do for our health? Let’s ever start training with the simple perspective that it could help us avoid health problems in the long run! No, we rarely do that. Here we are going to provide you complete information about fitness trends for 2020.

Most of us train when our doctors tell us that this is usually a game or two. How often did your health-related New Year’s resolution last after January?

Fitness trends for 2020

Few of us have this fitness enthusiast with us. We are the generation that knows everything about the new Apple Mobile that will be launched, but
we have no idea about the futuristic fitness trends. Although there are numerous fitness trends in this scenario that will still end in 2019, we are focusing on the best futuristic and innovative fitness trends for 2020 .

Eight Limb Method – YOGA

As defined by Patanjali, this is a classification of classical yoga as set out in his yoga sutras.

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<p>The eight links are defined as:</p>
<li> Yama (abstentions),</li>
<li> Niyama (observations),</li>
<li> Asana (yoga positions),</li>
<li> Pranayana (breath control),</li>
<li> Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses),</li>
<li> Dharana (concentration),</li>
<li> Dhyana (meditation),</li>
<li> Samadhi (absorption).</li>
<p>This method extends the meaning of yoga beyond mere bending and stretching and is the union of the soul with the Almighty. It focuses on techniques for developing human consciousness that enable meaningful and purposeful living. It is an eye opener in the relationship between body, mind and soul. This 8-link<br />
yoga method leads to the ultimate way of self-realization.</p>
<h2> Functional Training</h2>
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<p> An activity tracker, or better known as a fitness tracker, is a device that measures fitness such as the distance covered in a day or the number of steps, especially the calories consumed in a day<br />
and some of those checked are also designed to measure the heartbeat. This is a great futuristic trend as people are more aware of personal health and want to learn all the details at the push of a button. With the increasing willingness of the population to be aware, the urge to buy also increases.</p>
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