Coronavirus in humans:- Death/Recovery update and protection.

Coronavirus in humans Death/Recovery update and protection

Everyone must be aware of one virus that is spreading in the world at a vast rate, not only that but the outcomes of this virus are also hazardous, and that virus is Coronavirus. Basically, Coronavirus is not just a single virus, while it’s a massive group of viruses that are causing several problems in humans from the common cold to various severe problems. Moreover, the biggest outcome of this virus can lead to death, and because of this problem, there are hundreds of people who have lost their life.

In this article, we are going to discuss coronavirus in humans and the death and recovery rates thoroughly. So do follow this article till the end to know more about it.

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Reasons behind the spreading of Coronavirus in humans

You will not believe in this fact that during the initial stage of Coronavirus, it has just affected 17 people in Wuhan, China, but now it is spreading so fast that within no time, this virus has infected hundreds of people.

While according to us, the real reason behind the spreading of Coronavirus was unawareness about this problem. Not everyone was aware of this virus, it’s causes and symptoms, and this lack of awareness leads to such a significant impact that this virus has made, and several people lost their lives.

Moreover, if we talk about another reason behind the spreading of Coronavirus and that is Chinese lunar holidays because of which several people have traveled to China from overseas.

Although untill now, there has not been found any particular treatment of this virus. However, the symptoms can be treated by thoroughly diagnosing the patients.

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Impacts of Coronavirus

Impacts of Coronavirus in humans health
Impacts of Coronavirus

Till now, the worst impact that is seen by the spreading of Coronavirus is death.

  • It has been noticed that the death rate is impacted a lot because of Coronavirus. We will discuss the stats regarding the death and recovery rate of Coronavirus in the coming points thoroughly.
  • More than 30,000 people are being affected by Coronavirus, and the air flight sector is being impacted a lot by it. Because of Coronavirus, overall travelling has been affected a lot. It is also putting some adverse effects on the economy of China and various such places where Coronavirus has been spread widely.
  • It also affected and put an enormous impact on the overall trade. There were several things, which were imported from China, and due to the stoppage in travel and trade, those items are not available at various places. 

Death rate and recovery

Before heading towards the recovery rate, let us have a clear look at the death rate and discuss how this rate has increased with time. It is noticed that there are a total of 37,593 coronavirus cases in Wuhan, China, untill now, from which 6,196 cases are extremely serious. Moreover, total deaths that had taken place till now because of this virus are 814, while it sounds a bit relieving that 2,860 cases have also been recovered.

Here are some details regarding the death rate stats of Coronavirus-

  • On 22nd January, total cases were 579, which drastically increased up to 1312 on 24th January. 
  • Till 7th February we have only noticed an increase in the total cases, which is more than 37,000.
  • Most numbers of cases of Coronavirus have been found in China only.

This was all about the death rate of Coronavirus, let us have a look at some updates regarding the recovery rate of this virus.

  • Till now, there are a total of 814 recorded deaths, and 2,152 cases are recovered. 
  • It is also noticed that those who are at a critical stage of Coronavirus, they would be able to get rid of this problem.

Started from China, how Coronavirus moved to other parts of the world

Most of the people know that Coronavirus is the problem that’s being faced in China only, but there are many more places where this problem has reached. Let us have a look at those countries with their total number of cases.

  • Japan- 96 cases
  • Singapore- 40 cases
  • Thailand- 32 cases
  • South Korea- 27 cases
  • Hong Kong- 26 cases
  • Taiwan- 18 cases
  • Malaysia- 17 cases
  • India- 3 cases
  • Canada- 7 cases
  • U.A.E- 7 cases

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Is Coronavirus more dangerous than SARS?

During the time of 2002-2003, when the SARS virus was found, it spread from Mexico and China to the other 26 countries, and at the initial stage of this virus, there was a total of 59 deaths that were listed from 850 cases.

While if we talk about Coronavirus, you would be able to notice that there are more than 814 deaths in China, which had took place, and it has also spread to various other countries too. By having a look at the overall stats of Coronavirus we can say that yes, Coronavirus is more dangerous than SARS.

Moreover, the SARS virus was controlled after eight months, the same as on the other hand, with Coronavirus. We are still not able to find a permanent treatment for it.

How to prevent yourself from Coronavirus?

Although, the Coronavirus is spreading very fast but still, there is no treatment. However, the best way to prevent yourself from Coronavirus following the precautions suggested by CDC and avoid coming in contact with this virus.

However, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are continuously recommending the precautions you should take from the spread of respiratory viruses, including:

Proper washing of hands: Wash your hands properly before or after eating. It is recommended to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after every activity. Another best way is to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Avoid contacting: Avoid coming in contact with those people who are sick.

Take proper rest: Stay and take proper rest when you are sick.

Protect with tissue: In case of cough or sneeze, cover your face with a tissue.

Keep the surroundings clean: Maintain the hygiene by using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.

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