15 Yoga apps in 2020 for a great home practice

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Are you looking for some inner peace from anxiety? You might consider yoga at home. There is no doubt that yoga apps are the traditional and proven way of reducing stress, improve flexibility, tones the muscle, improve respiratory systems, and also achieve your body weight goals.

Whether you are a newbie or the expert, following the daily yoga routine will help to balance your body and mind.

Luckily, there are various yoga apps for great home practice. To help you find the right app for your needs, here, we have researched the top 15 yoga apps in 2020 for great home practice. 

1. Daily Yoga Apps

Daily yoga app is the Best yoga app to achieve your fitness goals. The app offers more than 500 asanas, yoga programs, and meditation sessions for men and women. You can also track your exercise duration and calories to meet your daily goals. From beginner to advanced, it helps you to stay healthy from mind to body. 

Moreover, the app has a community of Yogis all over the world to discuss their practicing experiences, tips, and health management

Google rating: 4.8

2. Down Dog Apps

One of the highest-rated apps for yoga with beginner’s friendly interface. Start in the comfort of your home with its three-day yoga journey. The app is specifically designed to strengthen your body and stretch your back.

The uniqueness of the Down dog app is, it will never let you repeat the same class twice. It offers over 30,000 different variations workout plus seven instructor voices to guide you all time. The app is free with an in-app purchase option.

Google rating: 4.8

3. Keep Yoga

A simple and effective yoga and meditation app for daily great home practice. The keep yoga app focuses on boosting your immune system, build muscle strength, improve flexibility, and maintain a peaceful mind. The app features 400+ asanas, seven meditation courses, and 10+ yoga sessions for different levels.

The meditation session of the app is what you are going to love the most. It will train your mind to focus on breathing in just minutes daily.

Google rating: 4.8

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4. Yoga for Beginners

This is one of the highly-rated apps for beginners. The app gives you various choices from bedtime yoga to classes geared for improving flexibility. Each class has Soothing voice guidance to clear your mind. All the yoga classes are 100% free to use and follow daily. Moreover, the app has Apple Health integration to track workouts, calories, and weight. You can exercise anytime and anywhere with the Yoga for Beginners app.

Google rating: 4.8

5. DDP Yoga now

Another famous app to find yoga and fitness motivation is DDP Yoga now. You will learn the simple workouts to do at home like bed workout, chair workout, etc. Its fitness programs are designed to target all the body areas. Weekly live-streamed workouts are amazing and worthy to wait for with DDP.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, enhance flexibility, or reduce pain, DDP app is available to download freely. Follow the daily workout, check out the yummy healthy recipes, and track your progress.

Google rating: 4.7

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6. 5 Minute Yoga

What can be quicker than practicing yoga at home within 5 minutes? Start or end your day with a 5-minute yoga app’s quick 5 minutes sessions. The purpose of this app is to make yoga a part of everyday life with each 5-minute session and yet useful. It is an ideal app for beginners.

You can add on the timer, see detailed descriptions, images of yoga, and track your daily yoga schedule to achieve your goals.  

Google rating: 4.5

7. Yoga workouts by Daily Burn

Get fit with the personalized yoga routine by downloading the Yoga workouts by Daily Burn app. The application has an extensive library of yoga with more than 700 customized workout sessions.

The best thing about this app is 1-on-1 personal training by yoga experts. All you need to tell your fitness goals and get a weekly plan of workout. Get a free trial to personalize your workout.

Google rating: 4.5

8. Simply Yoga

Simply yoga is a free yoga app without any Ads disruption. Choose 20, 40, or 60 minutes of workout sessions with audio and video instructions for each yoga pose. The workout includes full-body routines and also targeting body parts workout like for Abs, legs, arms. The app is excellent for men and women.

All you need to download the app and create a custom routine of poses you want to add in your routine.

Google rating: 4.5


9. ALO Moves

ALO moves rapidly becoming popular among the users with the vast videos and classes. They have thousands of guided yoga practices to keep motivating you all time. All the lessons are organized by the yoga experts, including Mackenzie Miller, Caley Alyssa, Ashley Galvin, and Dylan Werner.

Brand new fresh classes are much appealing to log in your account daily with curiosity to learn something new. You can also access the offline mode of videos. Give a hit to 14 days trial period and grow with ALO Moves at every stage.

Google rating: 4.5

10. Universal Breathing Pranayama

Many people look for relieving the stress before going to bed, and that is where Universal Breathing Pranayama helps. You will get extensive breathing courses with this most popular breathing app in the world. The app encourages having daily 15 minutes breathing to reduce stress. 

Use the different music styles to start your fresh morning with relaxation at night. 

Google rating: 4.4 

11. Pocket Yoga

Pocket yoga app is a powerful app that doesn’t require any network connection. You can keep practicing yoga at home by simply rolling out a mat. The app provides 27 different sessions. You can choose the sessions that suit your time availability and comfort level. Everything is guided with voice and visual instructions to make your yoga journey easy.

You can track your progress, unlock a new environment, and even play music of your choice while performing yoga.

Google rating: 4.3

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12. Asana Rebel

If you love to do yoga with intensity, Asana Rebel is a perfect pick for you. This app has lots of strength exercises as well, like pushups, squats, planks, etc. Choose the workout based on the body part you want to focus on. You can track your progress, customize your own programs, and input your goals.

Google rating: 4.3

13. Yoga Studio

This is all in one yoga and meditation app. The yoga studio is a complete studio for beginner, intermediate and advanced yoga classes. Simply select a plan and start practicing yoga with full HD video. It has a guide of more than 280 poses with detailed instructions with 5 to 60 minutes time duration. Try the seven days trial of this app, and you will surely going for its subscription plan. 

Enjoy Hip-hop yoga, Deep relaxations, daily new yoga classes, customization, and track your class history.

Google rating: 4.0

14. Find What Feels Good

If you are looking for home yoga practice and the right instructor to connect with you every time, then Adriene is here with you. Her app is fastest growing with the yoga lifestyle tools for all age people. You will love the 100 hours of yoga HD streaming videos with Find What Feels Good. Many of the yoga practices like Chakra series are unique to this app.

Yoga with Adriene will change your life with her approachable, joyful, and fun-loving sessions.

Google rating: 3.7

15. Yoga International

Yoga International has a huge collection of classes, workshops, tutorials, and videos. They have the wide range of yoga classes for everyone that suits your needs. With more than 500 world’s top yoga teachers are there to connect with you to teach the styles Vinyasa, Hatha, restorative, Kundalini, and many more. You can also take guidance on breathing techniques like Breathwork, yoga Nidra, and pranayama practices.

Their classes are usually less than 30 minutes, which is easy to fit in your schedule. Take the 30 days challenge with yoga International.

Google rating: 3.6

The Bottom Line

All the yoga apps contain the motivation that you need to stay committed to yoga and even ensure that you have variety in your workout sessions.

Now, it is time to download the most suited app for your needs. With the best 15 yoga apps, you can do yoga anytime without leaving at your home.

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