Health myths:- Top 10 health-related myths in a year “2020”.

Top 10 health-related myths.

People are becoming health conscious now a day. They are struggling every day to fit themselves healthy and get a desirable body. 

The people get to influence a lot from social media and they start believing whatever they see or hear through social media sites. Whether it’s a diet to follow, exercising or following the myths that are coming from a long time, people start following blindly. In this article, we are sharing the top 10 interesting health-related myths of the world and the reasons behind why it turns out to be pure fiction.

10 health-related myths.
10 health-related myths.

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1. Health myths:- “Starving Yourself” is the best way to lose weight 

Health myths:- “Starving Yourself”
Health myths:- “Starving Yourself”

Losing weight is difficult as much as gaining weight. It is a general perception in mind that for gaining weight, we need to eat more, similarly, for losing weight, we have to cut down our food calories i.e. have to follow the “starvation diet”. But in fact, a radical shift in eating fewer calories than our body needs can lead to the opposite result. However, eating a balanced out low-calorie diet is what actually helps you to lose weight.

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2. You should drink 8 glass of water to stay hydrated

 Health myths:- Drink 8 glass of water
Drink 8 glass of water

It is always suggested to drink 8 glasses of water in a day to stay hydrated and active. Further, the National Academies of Sciences suggests that women should drink 2.7 liters and men 3.7 liters of total water a day.

The food we intake also contains water components which are usually 20% of water and other liquids you consume throughout the day are about 80%. So, from this perspective, the recommendation to drink 8 glasses (about 2.5 liters) of pure water will mean you exceed your actual needs.

A simple test to check whether you are hydrated or not is to pay attention to the color of your urine. If it is clear or the color of lemonade, then you are consuming enough water as your body needs. However, if it’s darker, then you should increase the glass of water”

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3. Taking supplements always make you healthier

Who doesn’t want to look perfect within a small period of time? And that is usually possible through the intake of supplements along with your diet.

For building muscles, several protein supplements are available in the market. Similarly, vitamins, dietary supplements, etc. are also popular to build yourself and keep healthy. However, people are not aware that supplements do not always make you healthier, but it can also have side effects on your health. The research has found that taking supplements can have long term or even through short term risks. Consequently, it can affect adversely your health.

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4. Coffee is very bad for you

Health myths:- Coffeee

You must have heard many times that “Don’t drink too much coffee; it is very bad for your health”. But, it is not actually true. Coffee is full of antioxidants and is one of its biggest sources in western diets. Drinking coffee is also a proven way to lower the risk of depression, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimers and Parkinson’s disease. Some other studies have also shown it may increase your life expectancy!

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5. You will become fatty by eating fat

Fatty by eating fat
Fatty by eating fat

To become healthy, your diet must include protein, carbs and fat in a required proposition depending upon your body requirements. But you must have heard many times that cut down your fat from your diet otherwise it will make you fatty and lead to gain weight. 

However, it is truly wrong as gaining weight occurs when you consume more calories than you expend. Considering about fat, you should include moderate amounts of healthy fats—olives, nuts, avocados, olive oil—in your diet every day,”

“There’s no proof that eating a moderate-fat diet causes weight gain; in fact, fat offers flavor and satiety in the diet to make you feel fuller.  

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6. Consuming a daily diet or regular soda is healthy

Diet soda is considered a good choice to manage your weight as it includes fewer calories than the regular one. However, we are unaware of this face that diet soda contains artificial sweeteners that can damage your body as well as the teeth.

On the other hand, if we talk about the regular soda, it is comparatively better than the diet soda. But there are also side effects of consuming regular soda regularly. The side effect includes the risk of heart attack, asthma, and cavities of the tooth.

7. Egg Yolks Are Bad For You

 You all must have heard that egg yolk is one of the best things that you can add in your breakfast or any-time meal. But do you know that egg yolks are bad for our health, as it adds up bad cholesterol in your body?

The only reason we were unaware of the fact that egg yolks are bad for you is that maybe people only got to know about the health benefits of egg yolks.

8. Carrots Give You Night Vision

The fact about this thing is that carrots help you a lot in maintaining good eyesight, but there are no such traces that you would be able to get night vision with the help of carrots. 

With the help of carrots, you would be able to enhance the level of vitamin A. This helps to enable the eye to convert light into better signals, and this directly helps you to better your eyesight.

9. Cracking Knuckles Leads to Arthritis

You must have heard that cracking knuckles just create noise because of the air bubbles that are stored between your knuckles. 

There is no such evidence that you would have to face arthritis by cracking knuckles. Moreover, we have heard that a lot of people say that there are some negative consequences of cracking knuckles, but it is known that there are no single adverse outcomes of cracking knuckles. 

The only thing that you can face is a reduced strength grip and a bit of swelling in your hands and nothing else.

10. Eating Before Bed Makes You Overweight

The only thing that you should keep clear in your mind is that if you are feeling hungry before bed, then you should have something to eat, and you should not starve yourself.

If you are keeping a proper track of your calories, then eating before bed with not make you overweight or any kind of bad effect on your calorie count or weight issues.  

Final Thoughts on Health Myths

A lot of people around you continuously tell you about the diet and exercise myths. Even our most influential platform plays a crucial role to spread such types of health myths that are highly affecting the way we care for our well-being.

There are numerous humor about heath related things about what to eat or when to eat. However, it is not necessary to believe every rumor that is spreading until there is a proven reason behind this. So, to make our life easier without any chaos, we should always try to look at the facts and scientific studies to support the said theories.

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