10 Best online learning apps for School going students during COVID-19

Online Learning Apps The Corona eruption has restricted most of the world in their homes. Schools, colleges, and offices have been closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Because social distances and barriers are enforced everywhere, children find it difficult to spend their time. Like students who go to universities, colleges, and schools and those who go to work in a company or office, they have also done very good things, e.g. B. Lessons via video conference or online learning. Aside from that, there are many interactive games and programs that help schoolchildren learn and grow during Corona lockdowns.

online learning apps

We’ve put together a list of apps and websites that kids can use to learn and play fun games while stuck at home during closing.

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Best Online Learning apps for kids


online learning apps

The UMANG program of the Indian government offers school-age children a variety of over 1 crore e-books, audio files, and videos on all subjects for primary and secondary school students. The UMANG application also enables students to get NCERT’s e-pathshala straight from the program to catch up on their curriculum at school.

  • The app is available for free on Android, iOS and Windows.

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BYJU's online learning app

BYJUs, the popular online learning application used by many students across the country, provides students with free access to all programs until the end of April so children can keep up with their studies while shutting down. The BYJU app offers learning material for students from the first to the 12th grade.

          Students can download the BYJU Learning App and Disney-BYJU Early Learning from both the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store for free. Those who already have access to the free app can update the existing app to get free access.

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Ted [email protected]

Ted Ed@Home

            Ted Ed from the renowned publicly accessible platform Ted is a learning site that connects learners with teachers. Given the COVID 19 outbreak, Ted Ed @ Home’s website provides educational materials for students at various levels such as elementary school / elementary school, middle school / lower secondary school, high school / upper secondary school, and college/university.

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LEAD [email protected]

LEAD School@Home online learning app

          The Mumbai-based integrated startup LOOD School has also launched a program called LOOD School @ Home to investigate the COVID 19 outbreak. The VOORTOU School @ Home initiative enables schools to conduct live sessions to complete the curriculum.

  • The Lead School app can be downloaded free of charge on Android and iOS.

Vedanta Learn Live Online

Vedanta Learn Live Online

         Vedantu Learn to Live Online is one of India’s leading online tutorial sites covering the entire curriculum from CBSE, ISCE, NTSE, Olympiads to IIT JEE. Vedantu offers free online courses on its website and information to ensure the safety of students in their homes. Besides the online courses, the website also offers free learning material. The website provided free access to all Vedantu Live classes and content for classes 1 to 12, JEE & NEET.

  • We can access the online courses through their website and through their app, which is available free of charge for Android and iOS.

[email protected]


         TexhNext, a digital classroom solutions company, has also developed TeachNext @ Home to teach students through audiovisual content so they can learn about their own topics from the comfort of their home amidst the corona locks.

TechNext @ Home can be accessed on laptops and even mobile phones / tablets via the TeachNext @ Home app, which is available to Android users free of charge in the Google Play Store.

Go Explore from CBeebies

Go Explore from CBeebies online learning app

             From the BBC line of children’s programs, this little software is one of the best in terms of educational value. Cute graphics and a focus on topics like background noise, math, geography, emotions, and self-care. The Go Exploring app covers all topics that your child should understand. It is indeed based on different TV shows. So if your kids are in a good mood, you can even turn them off and learn twice with the non-interactive version.



        The trouble is not that your children watch TV too much. The problem is that they watch TV for hours and do nothing knowing that is being made. Hopster is a wonderful collection of children’s television shows that has been expanded to include interactive games and challenges based on what they have seen to ensure that they are learning. Subscriptions to the subscription service include Bob, the Builder, Thomas, the Think Engine, and Pingu. While it’s not free, the value of your subscription is huge, especially if this lockdown takes longer than expected.

Montessori Preschool

          While their teaching methods are still being discussed everywhere by Internet mothers, the official Montessori preschool is a fancy piece of educational software. As with your monthly subscription, your children have access to many educational projects and courses, including math and sound. Montessori’s preschools go a little further than other programs by adding more tasteful additions to the study program, adding coding and music lectures, for those who want to give their little ones a more targeted education.

World of Peppa Pig

           It probably feeds you are probably up with Peppa Pig. We get it. The little pink beast somehow consumed the world with its oinks and many British accents. However, your program is a surprisingly decent tool to teach children life and the world. This app is ideal for children who love Peppa Pig. She keeps her calm and learns for hours.

During a Lockdown

         Provide as much clear, direct information as possible and emphasize the importance of the next direction for grown persons. Carefully consider the applicability of protection vocabulary and language in development. For example, for young children, saying “go”, “go out”, and “evacuate” instead of “escape” or “run” can help support calm and orderly behavior and alleviate the psychological effects of the urgent situation.

Model a controlled outcome. An effective response should provide about employees who create calm and trust in scholars. Remind students to go out or silence their gizmos. Everyone should stay calm. Staff must be insured and trained so that students can use stabilization and roughing techniques.

During the closing session, let them know when there is an immediate danger to the school. The fastest possible transmission of factual information reduces anxiety and worry over.

Communicate clearly with families through a pre-established system and, if necessary, social websites. Families ensure the safety of their children just as easily as possible. Two involving lock answers help, has a specific person the crisis team that monitors social media remedy misinformation and provide updates as necessary.

Use the lockdown / modified lock if it is actually why secure. This will lessen the potential for psychological trauma and maintain the learning environment. Due to instant danger to the school, barriers should only be taken in full if the approach has become popular necessary.

After a Lockdown

  • Coordinate with law enforcement to figure out the real risk associated with the event.
  • Work with an information officer to quickly communicate with parents, neighboring schools, and the media in as much detail as possible and appropriate.
  • As previously mentioned, the student-supervisor uses reunification procedures, paying special attention to the younger student poet with her primary supervisors
  • Provide guidance to primary caregivers on how to speak to their children about their concerns or fears about violence at school or in the community (NASP, 2016b).
  • As mentioned earlier, share real updates on social media.
  • Detects trauma reactions and offers support for intervention in psychological crises (Brock et al., 2016).
  • Give students and staff the opportunity to share their reactions to the closure.
  • Make sure we do a shutdown assessment.

         Lockdowns are an important part of school safety and crisis willingness. However, it is important for school leader’s conscious of that perception about security or a threat, no matter whether there is no real threat, can have an extraordinarily real impact on students and staff. Keeping in you the developmental and psychological well-being of students and staff before and marriage ceremony Lockdowns helps reduce danger of accidental damage.

Healthy Relationships Online:

Now is not the time to relax our attention and education about healthy boundaries, harassment, abuse, and bullying. With authorities reporting an increase in online abuse, schools need to be very vigilant about online behavior, cyberbullying, and other forms of inappropriate engagement with and among students (and employees). Please ensure that your school continues to educate employees, students, and families about healthy relationships that may have (or feel) unhealthy behaviors and how community members can report if they believe they or someone they know suffering from inappropriate behavior another.

Keep in contact with the health department:

Remember, this epidemic is far from over. Even if we return to campus in the fall, we hope that we will carry the virus or that someone else still exists. Please maintain your relationship with the local Ministry of Health. Names, numbers, and contact information are available outside business hours.

Prepare for unavailability:

Schools continue to prepare for staff (including managers) not being available for COVID-19 reasons, including illness or death.

Parent surveys:

We have heard success stories from schools where parents are involved through surveys. It gives parents a voice – an opportunity to participate. It checks important feedback for schools about what works and what doesn’t.

Google says my school is closed! It’s not remote it’s running remotely! What shall I do?

       Take a look at this: Check your status online by doing a Google search and searching for the red status banner (often in the box on the right of the screen). If “closed” or “temporarily closed” is listed, we recommend that you follow the steps listed here. Make sure the times are correct and press the more accurate picture of the situation, especially during this crucial time of checking.

How are other schools handling pays for employees who can’t work when the school closes, or who work in low capacity?

         Short take: Most of the schools we spoke to aimed to improve their level although the staff “whole” provided possible. We have involving a variety of plans, many of which are being worked on. To get more detailed information, see Employee Elements.

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