Top 10 benefits of Namaste over the handshake in “2020”.

Let’s bring the traditional greeting back with Namaste (the Desi version)!! Namaste is accompanied by bowing your head a bit and pressing your hands together while touching your palms. 

Apart from the tradition and rituals, Namaste has also many benefits attached to your health. The major benefit we can see is protecting ourselves from the transfer of various bacteria.

Here we are going to talk about the top 10 benefits of Namaste over Handshake, but before that, we will have a look at a small introduction to Namaste, it’s the origin, and science behind it. So if you want to know about all these things, then do follow this article till the end. 

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Namaste, and it’s the origin

If you have ever noticed that, then you must know that Namaste is not just a way of greeting or respect, as it is something more significant than that. Moreover, the main reason behind the creation of this greeting way Namaste is that you will completely diminish your ego by joining your palms together and keeping them at that position near your face or chest.  

Namaste is also known as Namaskar, which is an ancient way of greeting in India, although this way of greetings is so strongly followed that it’s practiced today also. There are several references that state gods also used to greet each other by joining their palms in the form of Namaskar.  

Let us have an in-depth look at Namaste by finding out the types of this greeting method. There are two ways in which a Namaste is done, and those ways are-

The first method is whenever you are doing Namaste, bend your head a little. This is one of the most common forms of Namaste being done nowadays. 

The second way of doing Namaste is by completely bowing down your head. This was the ancient form of Namaskar, which is being practiced nowadays at very fewer places in India. This was all about a short introduction of Namaste, and it’s origin, along with that we also had a look at different types of Namaste. 

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The science behind Namaste

Here we are going to have a look at the actual scientific process of Namaste- 

The first step is to take a breath and make a picture in your mind that you are going to greet god, not a human. With the help of this step, you would be able to make a proper connection between the greetings taker. 

Close your eyes, and gently speak Namaste. One thing to take care of during this process is that you should never hesitate during this process of chanting Namaste.

Now let us discuss one question which is frequently asked, and that is which greeting form is the best a Handshake or Namaste. So to make you clear about the answer of this question, here we are going to talk about the top 10 benefits of Namaste over Handshake, which will state that in what forms does a Namaste plays an important and essential role.

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Hygienic way of greeting

First and most important benefit of Namaste over Handshake is that it is one of the hygienic ways of greeting someone and this is because in case of Handshake you would have to create a sort of physical contact with your hands to the other person, while in the case of Namaste you would not have to do any such thing. 

You all must have heard about the dangerous coronavirus, which is spreading from one person to another with the help of physical contacts. Yes, shaking hands is also a reason of spreading Coronavirus. So with the help of using Namaste over Handshake as a greeting way, you would be able to reduce your chances to get in contact with this virus, as with this greeting method, you will practice zero bacterial transfer. One study found that high-fives transfer bacteria from person to person. Therefore, experts recommend that cutting out handshakes must be in your hygiene list to protect yourself against cold and flu.

Soulful connect

The next benefit is that you would be able to make a soulful connection with the person you are greeting in the form of Namaste. Moreover, you all must know that with a handshake you create a physical connection, but if you practice a perfect Namaste from your heart, then you would be able to make a soulful connection with that person.  

You all know that this form of greetings is being practiced from ancient times and it is the best form of greeting which is the only reason several people are still following and practicing it. One important point is that if there would have been any better form of greetings, then we already had changed and stopped practicing this form of greetings.  

Emotional attachment

As we have mentioned that if you are planning for your next trip to India and you want to put a great impression of yourself on other people, then you should practice Namaste over a Handshake. This is because a Namaste has an emotional attachment, and the person to whom you are greeting would be able to make them feel that both of you are the same.

The logic behind a Namaste

Everybody doesn’t know about it, but the actual logic of Namaste is fascinating. That is when we join our palms together for greeting; the nerves which are on the fingertips are connected with that part of our brain, which is responsible for creating long-term memories. So this means if you greet someone with a Namaste, you would be able to put them in your memories for a long-lasting time.  

Things haven’t changed

The following reason is widespread, and that is most of the people in India follow this greeting form, and that is the reason if you are also in India then you should also follow the same way of greeting which is common there.

Nerves activation

If you are not aware of this fact, then let me tell you that Namaste is also considered as a yoga mudra and the benefit behind this mudra is that it helps in activating the nerves which help in the circulation of several things. Moreover, this mudra also helps a lot at a great acupressure point, with the help of which you would be able to restore the tension between your fingers.

Therapeutic benefit

If you feel that, you are not calm nowadays and want to get rid of these issues. Then you should start practicing Namaste greeting form, as when you keep your joined palms nearby your heart it helps in bringing calmness, harmony and a balance between your soul and body. There are several places in the world, where the Namaste form of greeting is being used as a therapy practice. 

If you are a student or a person of any age and you think that you are unable to focus on one particular thing, then it is suggested that you should start practicing Namaste over Handshake. This is because by practicing Namaste, you would be able to add awareness and focus to your brain.  

Balance Heart

Balance- Heart-related problems are one of the most common issues that you can ever go through. If you are also one of those people who is facing this issue, then we suggest you take advantage of the Namaste greeting form instead of Handshake, this is because it will help you provide a balance at your heart chakra.

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  2. I would like to thank the author of this content because till now even I don’t have such information about Namaste posture .This content will help our young generation to practice namaste over handshake.

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  4. in bharat (india) the old custom of greeting people is to fold both the hands and saying namaste or namaskar. which actually means the soul or god residing in me is greeting/bowing to the godliness inside you. so basically namaste represents reverentially bowing to the god residing in the other person or to greet the good qualities of the other person.

  5. Let us see whether Trump follows Namaste or prefer to go the American way as he meets a plethora of dignitaries and top honchos during his three-day India trip from February 24-26.

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